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Add Load Capacity and Sway Control!
SuperSprings are a great solution for truck and suv owners looking for maintenance free helper springs to give added towing capacity and elminate body roll.
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SuperSpring Buying Guide

At Suspension Connection we offer the best prices on Super Springs along with free shipping when shipped in the continental United States. SuperSprings are adjustment free helper springs that mount above your factory springs to provide additional load support and to reduce body roll by up to 30%. Super Springs are ideal for most trucks, Motorhomes, RVs, Vans and SUV's that frequently are carrying a heavy load or towing a trailer.

Increase Load Capacity:
SuperSprings will increase your towing and load capacity without giving you a harsh ride. Designed to work with your existing leaf springs and only activate when needed. When your vehicle is empty you will not even know they are installed.

Decrease Sway and Body Roll:
Roll: When activated SuperSprings will reduce body roll and sway by 30%. The patented shackle / roller combo works with the helper springs to automatically increase the support needed to help keep the vehicle level.

Simple Installation:
SuperSprings are designed to install with no hassle. Custom fit for each application, these helper springs will simply bolt on top our your factory leaf springs. No holes to drill.

Install and Forget:
Once installed, SuperSprings do all the work. No need to adjust or tighten bolts. The patented stabilizing system uses a shackle with a roller on each end of the springs to which allows the SuperSprings to activate when needed.