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        Lift Kits

Lift Kits

Tuff Country EZ-Ride Suspension's & Daystar's suspension truck & SUV lift kits give additional clearance for larger tires for trucks and SUVs. We have Suspension lift Kits ranging from 2" affordable kits to high-end 6" kits. We also have other methods to lift your vehicle.

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Suspension Lift Kits 101

As the name indicates, a suspension lift kit extends a vehicle's suspension, so every part is lifted. This translates to plenty of room for larger tires, as well as more clearance below the vehicle so there's no concern over bottoming out during off-roading adventures. If you are looking to lift your truck or SUV 2-6 inches, look no further. We offer SUV lift kits from top-tier brands like Tuff Country, Daystar, Revtek, and more.

Why Should You Lift Your Truck or SUV?
Many people lift their vehicles to fit larger tires to gain additional ground clearance for off-roading purposes. Some are looking for an additional ride and handling performance associated with some suspension lift kits like the popular Dodge Ram long arm lift kits. You may have an older truck or SUV with aging suspension components like leaf springs, coil springs, etc, and would like to gain some additional height when replacing those parts. Others install suspension lifts simply because they like the look of a lifted truck.

Is It Difficult To Install A Suspension Lift Kit?
Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, early modeled vehicles (the early 1970s through the late 1980s) equipped with front leaf springs or coils springs are fairly straightforward to lift and usually involve replacing the old springs with newer springs with a larger arch. Modern trucks and SUVs have mostly gone to an IFS (independent front suspension) type of front end. These are usually more labor-intensive, especially when dealing with kits 4 inches or above.

Ride Quality
A common question when lifting a truck or SUV is how it may affect your ride. This depends largely on the type of suspension your vehicle has, the condition of your existing components, and the size of the SUV lift kit you're working with. Trucks using leaf springs or coils will generally see their ride become a little stiffer than stock. However, if the stock springs are in poor condition, you could actually see an improvement in ride quality. Most modern vehicles with IFS suspension will see little or no difference in ride quality regardless of the size of the lift.

Additional Parts and Labor
Be aware that when lifting a truck or SUV that many times additional parts may be required. Because you are extending the travel of your shocks when installing a kit many times the factory shock absorbers will no longer reach the existing shock mounts. (usually anything above 2 inches in height)

To avoid damaging your truck and affecting your ride we here at Suspension Connection will always recommend new extended shocks for any SUV lift kits that require them to be changed. A small number of kits will require other parts (carrier bearing drops, extended driveshafts, etc), these are also noted when required. Lastly, most lift kit manufacturers recommend you have a front-end alignment done anytime you alter your suspension with a lift or leveling kit.