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        Body Lift Kits

Body Lift Kits

Truck body lift kits are designed to lift a truck, SUV or Jeep by placing 1", 2" or 3" blocks between the body & frame where the factory mounts reside. Longer high-grade bolts are included to replace the factory body mount bolts. The included body lift kit blocks are constructed of a high-grade reinforced nylon block or polyurethane depending on the brand you select (Daystar or Performance Accessories). Additional heavy-duty brackets and hardware are required for each vehicle application including custom machined splined steering shaft extension when required. All kits are custom made specifically for a specific truck or suv. Instructions are detailed to show each step required for a proper installation. Body lift kits have some advantages over a suspension lift kit in that they do not alter the vehicles suspension, in turn not requiring a front-end alignment and not requiring extended shock absorbers. With a body lift kit, you are able to mount larger diameter tires which will increase ground clearance and give your vehicle a bold new off-road look. Shop from all of our lift and leveling products to increase the performance of your truck and stand out on the road.

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Body lift kits use spacers beneath the cab of a vehicle to add height; this type of kit is ideal for someone mostly concerned about equipping their vehicle with bigger tires, or enhancing the overall look since it won't affect clearance that dramatically. These are kits that are designed to lift your truck or SUV by installing 1-inch, 2-inch, or 3-inch high-grade nylon spacers between the body and frame of your truck or SUV. All truck body lift kits are custom fit for a specific vehicle and include extended high-grade bolts that replace the factory body mount bolts which allow for the nylon spacers along with any required brackets or hardware. Because the suspension is not changed ride quality will remain the same and new extended shocks are not required.

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Many customers have trouble deciding if a truck body lift kit or suspension lift kit is best for them. To help make the decision easier below are the pros and cons of both methods of lifting your vehicle.

Pros of a body lift kit:
1) Suspension is not affected so ride quality will not change
2) Most are priced more economically than a suspension lift
3) New extended shocks are not required
4) No front end alignment is required

Cons of a body lift kit:
1) Installation is usually more time consuming
2) Frame is more visible, gaps can be seen in fender wells (can be hidden with gap guards)
3) Factory bumpers are not raised with many truck body lift kits. (many kits do raise the front bumpers)

A common complaint with body lifts is that once installed, the frame is more visible and gaps can be seen within the fender wells. Performance Accessories addresses the gap issue with an optional custom fit body lift gap guards made of durable urethane. Also, while most body lift kits include everything you will need to properly install a few applications do require a steering extension to be purchased as an option. Check out our other lift and leveling products now!

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