2011-2016 Ford F250 4wd (Single rear wheel) - Hellwig REAR "Big Wig" Sway Bar (1 1/4" diameter)

Hellwig Ford F250 Sway Bars Rear 2011-2016 7271
Hellwig - 7271-ford-f250
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Hellwig "Big Wig" Sway Bars are designed for trucks that haul & tow on a frequent basis. These massive 1 1/4" solid steel sway bars reduce body roll & increase stability by 20% over standard sway bars. They transfer the pressure on the outboard wheels and apply opposite pressure on the inboard wheels. Weight is more evenly distributed to all four wheels helping your vehicle stay more level with the road. Designed to be simple to install with simple hand tools.

Features and Benefits

  • Hellwig # 7271 is custom fit for the Ford F250
  • Reduces body roll for better vehicle control
  • Big Wig Design increased stability by 20% over standard sway bars
  • Greatly improves cornering traction for safer driving and turning capabilities
  • Distributes weight evenly to all four wheels
  • 1 1/4" solid steel bars
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Fast, Easy "Bolt-On" installation
  • High quality hot formed and heat treated 4140 chrome moly spring steel
  • Polyurethane bushings
  • Includes all required mounting hardware

Installation Notes

1. Will not fit vehicles with dual rear wheels

Tech Specs

Download Instructions: 7271 Instructions
Bar Diameter: 1 1/4"
Average Install Time: 1 to 2 hours
Drilling Required: NO
Location: (front or rear axle) REAR AXLE
Weight: 38.00 lbs.
Part 7271 fits:
  • 2016 Ford F250
  • 2015 Ford F250
  • 2014 Ford F250
  • 2013 Ford F250
  • 2012 Ford F250
  • 2011 Ford F250


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  • 4.8 out of 5 Overall
  • 100% reviews recommend this product
Review Product
Does It's Job
Installation is strait forward, follow the instructions. To ease the installation, move the r/h shock out of the way to ease placing of the sway bar, and use a bolt fisher on the l/h upper end link bolt. Go back and recheck all torque values after a few days use. Unit works as advertised and controls body roll very well. Noticed no drop of the outside front fenders in turns after installation, which was the norm before hand.
Recommend this Product: YES
2015 Ford F-250 SD CCLB
– Value
– Quality
– Installation
Works as advertised
Installation is easiest if you drop the spare and the right side shock. Access to left side frame strut hanger bolt is easiest from behind the axle and using a fish wire. Roll axle clamps up and back as far as possible for clearance on larger diameter shocks like Rancho RS9000XL's. Follow the instructions and have fun. Truck handles like it's on rails, with no sway in turns. Excellent!
Recommend this Product: YES
2015 Ford F-250
– Value
– Quality
– Installation
easy to install
Is meant to help the sway with heavy duty loads; and it does just that. It stops the sway on my vehicle even when full.
Recommend this Product: YES
F250 12
– Value
– Quality
– Installation
helps body sway
i have been having a lot of body sway on my F250 lately. This kit does a great job preventing that. my body never sways anymore. it is much easier ride and much better to handle my F250
Recommend this Product: YES
2011 Ford F250
– Value
– Quality
– Installation
Nice handling improvement
This is my second Hellwig sway bar. First was in a 2006 F250. In my 2013, installation has been complicated by the urea reservoir. Even if you "unbolt the bracket" as suggested by the instructions, you still cannot reach to install the driver's side frame bolt. It is easier to unbolt the bed and raise it 3" so you can access the bolt hole in the frame.
Recommend this Product: YES
2013 Ford F-250 with diesel
– Value
– Quality
– Installation