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        Floor Liners

Floor Liners

WeatherTech's custom fit floor liners / mats protect your vehicles interior from mud, snow and dirt. Simple to clean and maintain. Available for the front and rear of most vehicles. Choose from black, tan and grey.
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What is a Floor Liner?

A floor liner is an interior accessory for your vehicle. It's puprose is to keep your vehicles carpet clean. (Which can help in resale value.) While similar to a floor mat, a floor liner is molded to fit the contours of your floor pan exactly. Resulting in a superior fit and look. These liners will trap anything that gets stuck on your shoes like mud, or even just water from rain or snow. Usually the design creates a channel to carry liquid and debris away from your feet. It is designed to remove everything that gets in these channels.(extra channels are usually placed to make sure anything caught in the channel won't move while driving.)

Weather Tech floor liners are some of the most popular floor liners for your vehicle sold on this planet. The floor liners come in colors either gray, black or tan. They give you protection from the extremes of weather, such as, snow, rain, mud and sand. Every WeatherTech liner is made to clear liquid and debris from your shoes or clothes. Once it gets onto the liner it will create a channel which then carries the liquid or debris away from you, which will get trapped in a reservoir. You can easily remove anything trapped in the reservoir by simply lifting it out of your vehicle and dumping out.

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