Upper Control Arms

Upper Control Arms

Check out Tuff Country's truck upper control arms designed for lifted vehicles. Available with standard ball joints or uni-ball joints. Backed by Tuff Country's lifetime warranty and made in USA. These arms help to restore proper front end geometry and reduce binding.

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Upper Control Arms - Balljoint vs Uni-Ball

Control arms, also commonly referred to as A-arms, are a crucial component of a lifted vehicle's suspension system. Acting as a hinged suspension link, the A-arm connects a lifted truck's chassis and wheel hub assembly while allowing for movement independent of the body. The main consideration when purchasing a set of control arms is whether to go with a balljoint or a uni-ball design. The deciding factors here are usually price and your vehicle's intended purpose.

Ball Joint Upper Control Arms:The balljoint design utilizes a classic joint style that can be found in most vehicles dating back to the start of automotive history. Operating under the same principle as a human shoulder joint, the balljoint contains a spherical bearing inside a rounded housing. This joint attaches to the steering knuckle of your vehicle's wheel hub assembly and allows for independent movement relative to the chassis. Balljoint upper control arms are generally cheaper and easier to maintain than the alternative uni-ball design. It's a tried and tested format that will serve most purposes from daily commuting to light offroad driving. However, ball joints are primarily designed with comfort in mind, so they tend to be badly equipped to handle more strenuous levels of wear and tear.

Uni-ball Upper Control Arms: The uni-ball design is a more modern solution to the problem. The typical balljoint section is replaced with a mounting bracket that resembles the eye of a sewing needle. A tapered piece of cast metal, which is usually heat treated and Teflon-coated, fits inside the joint and delivers a superior degree of movement while also offering a considerable increase in strength and durability. Uni-ball upper control arms are a must for anyone who is considering severely aggressive offroad driving. Uni-ball joints do tend to command a premium price, however, they are a good investment for anyone who is lifting their trucks for more than just cosmetic reasons. Since uni-ball joints are designed to offer a maximum degree of articulation, vehicle movements are transmitted to the passenger compartment. This makes the uni-ball design an attractive prospect to anyone who is intending to put their truck through serious abuse.