Toyota Tacoma Lift Kits & Leveling Kits

Toyota Tacoma Lift Kits & Leveling Kits

Get your Toyota Tacoma in the air with a lift kit from Suspension Connection. We offer suspension lift kits, body lift kits, leveling kits, add-a-leafs and more to lift your Toyota Tacoma. By great manufactures like Tuff Country Suspension, Daystar, Performance Accessories & more.

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Lift Kit Buying Guide:

Tacoma Lift Kits 101:
Toyota Tacoma owners are some of the most enthusiastic truck owners on the planet. Most like to personalize there Tacoma. A very popular option is a lift kit. Installing a lift kit to your vehicle adds style and clearance to allow fitment for bigger tires. Many lift options are available for the Toyota Tacoma.

Tacoma Suspension Lift Kits:
Ranging from 2" ift Kits to high end 6" Lift Kits there is size to suit everyones taste. Our most popular size of our Toyota Tacoma lift kits is a 3" Suspension Lift. Made by Tuff Country these kits utilize a coil / strut spacer in the front end and blocks or add-a-leafs in the rear. Once installed these lift kits will maintain a near factory ride.

Tacoma Leveling Kits:
Toyota Tacoma trucks sit slightly higher in the rear. While many prefer this look, others prefer a their Tacoma is level. A leveling kit poses a great solution to this and is a great way to add clearance for larger tires. Most kits install fairly easily using the same type of coil / strut spacers used in taller lift kits.

Tacoma Body Lifts:
Body lift kits are an alternative to a suspension lift kit. Made up of 10 to 14 blocks along with extended bolts and hardware, a body lift kit will raise a Toyota Tacoma by suspending the body alone above the frame. Price economically, body lift kits are good option for someone wanting to keep a factory ride.

Tacoma Lift blocks & Block Kits:
A Block Kit lifts the rear of your Tacoma by inserting a block between the factory rear leaf springs and the axle.

Tacoma Add A Leafs:
Add-a-leafs are a great solution for a Tacoma owner looking to slightly lift the rear of his or her vehicle. These kits install a leaf into the existing leaf springs which adds additional arch to the spring. This will lift the Tacoma while giving a small amount of additional weight capacity.