Toyota Lift Kits

Toyota Lift Kits

Gain Additional Tire Clearance & a Cool New Look!
Tuff Country EZ-Ride Suspension's & Daystar's Toyota lift kits give additional clearance for larger tires for trucks and SUVs. Suspension Kits ranging from 2" affordable kits to high end 6" kits.

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Top Toyota Models:

Toyota Tacoma:
The original Toyota Tacoma first appeared in 1995 as a replacement for Toyota's small pickup truck. Through 2004 the Tacoma remained relatively unchanged. In 2005 a new Tacoma was released. This version increased the overall size of the interior and exterior of the truck. As of 2011 this version of the Tacoma is still going strong. We offer Toyota Tacoma lift kits from 2" to 6" for both early and late model Tacoma trucks. Both version have similar suspensions based around coil / strut front ends and rear leaf springs.

Toyota Tundra:
In 1999 Toyota released the Tundra to replace the aging mid-size T100 truck. This popular truck remained the same for seven years. In 2007 Toyota made a bold decision to go head to head with the big boys in Detroit. The Tundra became the first full-size truck from a Japanese manufacture sold in the United States. Lift kits for the Toyota Tundra range in size from 2" to 6". Covering all years of the truck.

Tacoma 4Runner:
The first models of the Toyota 4Runner where manufactured in 1984. Based on the Toyota truck body, this suv was an instant hit with the off road crowd. With it's front and rear leaf spring suspension it was very simple to install a lift kit on the Toyota 4Runner for the first few years. In 1986 the suspension changed to an IFS (independent front suspension) front end, followed by replacing the rear leaf springs with coil springs in 1990 through 1995. Lift kit options are available for these models, just not being as easy to install, however ride quality is significantly improved. 2" Lifts are also available for newer 2003 to 2009 models.

Toyota FJ Cruiser:
The Toyota FJ Cruiser was built for adventure! This suv shows some resemblance to it's older cousin the Jeep style Landcruiser, but with all comforts of a modern vehicle. Toyota FJ Cruiser lift kits are fairly simple to install using coil / strut spacers to lift the suspension.