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        Timbren SES Kits

Timbren SES Kits

Is your vehicle sagging every time you pull a trailer or boat? Does it sway excessively when hauling a heavy load? Timbren offers a simple solution help keep your truck or suv level and stable. The SES (Suspension Enhancement System) kits are a simple solution that can be mounted easily between your frame and axle to improve your suspension performance. All kits are custom fit for a perfect fit and available for most trucks, suvs and commercial vehicles. Suspension Connection is a top dealer for Timbren products.

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At Suspension Connection one of our specialties is helping your vehicle's suspension perform when towing or hauling heavy loads. Timbren's SES suspension kits are one of the many categories that we offer that can help support your suspension when your stock suspension is not cutting it.

HOW THEY WORK: The SES kits are designed to mount between your axle and frame leaving approximately an inch or less between the SES kit and the axle. When your suspension compresses the Timbren kit will kick in and help to support your stock suspension.

CONSTRUCTION: Timbren kits consist of Aeon hollow rubber springs and any hardware or brackets required for installation. The Aeon springs are the heart of the kits. These extremely durable springs are constructed of a high grade rubber that are backed by a lifetime warranty. 

ADVANTAGES: Some advantages over alternative methods like suspension air bags are: 1) simple installation, usually between 30 to 60 minutes, 2) SES Satisfaction guarantee, 3) Maintenance free, no airlines to crack or leak, 4) Economical pricing.

SNOW PLOWS: Timbren offers a huge selection of front SES applications for the all types of vehicles. A very common use for these kits is to support front ends of vehicles equipped with snow plows. The added weight of a plow can really weigh down almost any front end. Timbrens kits will give you added support to keep the front end from sagging drastically.

HAULING TRAILERS AND MORE: If you regularly or just occasionally pull a trailer you may experience your rear end sagging and some additional side to side sway. The SES rear kits are designed to address this problem while also improving ride quality.