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        Anti-Sway Bars

Anti-Sway Bars

Hellwig & Eibach Anti-Sway Bars are an easy, affordable way to upgrade your vehicles handling performance. Body roll is reduced by the torsional effect of the sway bars. They transfer the pressure on the outboard wheels and apply opposite pressure on the inboard wheels.

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Sway Bar Guide

At Suspension Connection we offer over 1500 different sway bar applications for cars, trucks and suvs. Carrying great brands like Hellwig and Eibach. These sway bar kits are a great way to improve the suspension performance of your vehicle. Designed to reduce body roll by using the torsional effect as the bars transfer the pressure on the inward tires. This keeps the weight of your vehicle more evenly distributed to all four tires which keeps the tires planted to the pavement, especially in while cornering.

Hellwig Bars:
Established in 1946 Hellwig Products has been producing great suspension products for over a half a century. Specializing in the truck and SUV market, Hellwig has a sway bar for almost any truck you can imagine. Manufactured using heavy-duty 4140 chrome-moly steel, these bars are ideal for improving suspension performance while carrying or hauling heavy loads. Hellwig also offers performance bars for early and later model sports cars.

Eibach Anti-Roll Kits:
Backed by it's famous German engineering, Eibach Anti-Roll kits are the ultimate in high performance handling for sports cars. With a huge offering of applications Eibach most likely has something for your car. Built to last with a red powder coat finish on top of cold-formed, high strength aircraft-grade steel. The Eibach kits all work together really well. If you are using a Eibach lowering kit, either the Sportline or Pro-kit will work great with the sway bar also installed to your vehicle.