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        Suspension Air Bags

Suspension Air Bags

Firestone, Air Lift & Leveling Solutions suspension air bags are designed to provide a comfortable ride while increasing your vehicle's "level load" capacity up to 5000 lbs. Made with rugged, durable components, these adjustable air springs mount between the frame and the suspension.

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Air Bag Suspension Buying Guide 101

Keep your truck or suv from sagging in the rear with a set of suspension air bags from top brands like Firestone, Air Lift or Hellwig.

What are Suspension Air Bag Kits?
The basic function of these air bag kits is to assist the factory springs when a heavy load is applied and keep your vehicle from sagging in the rear. They will also help improve steering control, reduce sway and lessen wear on existing suspension components. Basic installation is done by mounting the kits between the frame and suspension. Air pressure within the air bags will help support additional weight. All factory suspension components are retained.

Installed Suspension Air Bag

How will they affect my ride quality?
Because you can adjust the air pressure in suspension air bags, you can control how soft or stiff the ride of your vehicle will be with them. When not towing or carrying a load a very low pressure is normally used and ride quality will not change. If you vehicle is loaded, the air springs will require a higher air pressure to preform properly. When loaded you will see a great improvement in ride quality with the air springs installed.

How Easy are They to Install?
The majority of all air bag suspension kits are very simple to install. Most require no drilling (use existing holes in the frame) to install or very little drilling to install. Average install time is 1 to 2 hours.

How to Adjust Air Pressure?
Air pressure can easily be adjusted by using the included inflation valves. These valves are usually run to the rear of the vehicle with air hose and mounted near the rear bumper. Adjustment of pressure is done the same way a standard tire is inflated or deflated. Optional air systems are also available that allow you control the air pressure from the cab of your truck.

Will air bags increase the load capacity of my vehicle
Unfortunately no. They do not increase the GVWR. There intent is to keep your vehicle from sagging in the rear. Never exceed the manufactures recommend load and tow capacities.