Fox Truck Shocks

Fox Truck Shocks

Add the awesome performance of Fox Shocks to your truck's suspension with a set of Factory Series or Performance Series aftermarket shocks. Choose from models with or without a reservoir for added dampening. Or take it to the next level with Fox's compression dampening adjuster which gives you total control of how stiff or smooth your ride will be. Available for most late model trucks and suvs.

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Fox Shocks

For over 35 years, FOX has been building a reputation as a leading expert in the field of performance shock absorbers and racing suspensions. Bob Fox's passion for the sport of motocross inspired him to create a range of premium motorcycle shocks. Over the following three decades, FOX confidently expanded their range of expertise, creating a catalog of parts for ATVs, mountain bikes, SUVs, and even snowmobiles. FOX's range of third-party truck shocks offers exceptional quality and reliability. FOX pride themselves on having one of the most comprehensive testing processes in the industry, allowing them to reach a level of fine-tuning that many of their competitors struggle to match.

Fox Reservoir Shocks
In a standard emulsion shock, sustained movement combined with increased heat can cause the oil inside a shock absorber to foam up via a process called aeration. Aerated oil can impinge on the shock's ability to dampen motion, leading to a suboptimal driving experience. Remote reservoir shocks keep their supply of oil in a separate chamber to the main shock manifold, allowing the liquid to be continuously cooled while increasing the total amount of available oil in the system. FOX offers many different shock systems with reservoir tanks, by they all feature zinc and chrome-plated corrosive-resistant metalwork and premium seals. They are designed to deliver a significant increase in handling performance and each part exhibits FOX's race-quality pedigree.

Fox Coilovers
A coilover is a style of suspension system which combines a standard shock absorber with a coil spring which encircles the main manifold. Coilovers are the most visible part of a wishbone suspension set-up which likely makes them the most recognizable style of suspension system on the market. The coil spring of a coilover system reduces the workload on its piston while granting an extra level of adjustability.

Fox Bypass Shocks
Shock absorbers with a bypass feature are designed to offer next-level adjustability and performance. On a regular suspension system, the amount of dampening which occurs remains constant regardless of how much the shock is traveling. A bypass system allows shock oil to flow past the piston depending on how extended the piston is. Moderate dampening occurs when the vehicle is close to its ride height, but maximum dampening is applied when the shock extended. In short, a bypass system will dynamically alter its total dampening effect based on where and how you are driving. Bypass shocks come in two styles, internal and external. The traditional external bypass uses a series of tubes which run outside the main body of the shock in order to reroute shock oil. FOX's internal bypass system houses its tubing entirely within the shock body, creating a sleeker look and allowing for coilover parts to be easily installed.