Daystar KF04050BK Polyurethane Cab and Body Mounts for the Ford F250 make for a great replacement to factory rubber body mounts. This kit will replace all OE bushings (sleeves and hardware not included). Polyurethane body mounts last longer; the durable build quality gives these bushings the potential to last up to 3 times as long as rubber factory mounts. Polyurethane has a higher load-bearing capacity, unlimited tear resistance, tolerant to grease and oils, and a better compression set. Daystar Ford F250 Body Mount bushings give you a better return for your money, on or off-road, and are made to last.

Note: If you are in need of the replacement body mounts along with the hardware and sleeves, see Daystar KF04060BK for a complete solution.

Features and Benefits

  • Replaces worn factory rubber bushings
  • Includes replacement bushings (sleeves and hardware not inclued)
  • Daystar KF04050BK is custom fit for the Ford F250
  • Bushings are fluid and road grime resistant
  • Made of high quality, durable Polyurethane
  • Improves handling and performance
  • Lasts up to 3 times longer than rubber
  • Made in USA

Tech Specs

Download Instructions: KF04050BK Instructions
Weight: 15.00 lbs.
Part KF04050BK fits:
  • Jan, 2016 through Dec, 2016 Ford F250
  • 2015 Ford F250
  • 2014 Ford F250
  • 2013 Ford F250
  • 2012 Ford F250
  • 2011 Ford F250
  • 2010 Ford F250
  • 2009 Ford F250
  • 2008 Ford F250
  • 2007 Ford F250
  • 2006 Ford F250
  • 2005 Ford F250
  • 2004 Ford F250
  • 2003 Ford F250
  • 2002 Ford F250
  • 2001 Ford F250
  • 2000 Ford F250
  • 1999 Ford F250


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