Helper Springs by Hellwig

Helper Springs by Hellwig

Hellwig steel helper springs mount above your existing leaf springs to add 550 lbs to 3500 lbs of additional "level load" weight capacity to your truck or suv. These springs are perfect for various type of towing and pulling conditions. Towing a trailer, a boat or hauling a heavy load, these helper springs will help to reduce the rear from sagging and eliminate sway. Tension can be adjusted to minimize effect on your ride without a load.

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What are Helper Springs?

Helper springs are pack of small steel leafs made to help support a heavy payload in your truck, suv or van. They come in a variety of different weight limits. The limits depend on the model you are purchasing and your vehicles size. They can range from 500 pound to a 3500 pound limit. These springs work is by installing on top of the stock leaf spring and then the helper springs absorb a portion the weight loaded into your vehicle. Suspension Connection is proud to offer Hellwig helper springs. Hellwig has been building high quality susupension products since 1946. Below are some of the most popular helper spring models they offer.


Load Pro Series
This is Hellwig's newest design for fullsize vehicles. Made to support up to 2500 pounds, these simple to install helper springs are made of top quality steel, great for stopping excessive sway and improved load support. They can be purchased with Silent Ride poly bump stops to eliminate rattling and clanking. Backed by Hellwig's exclusive million mile warranty.


This classic design helper spring is recommended for full-size trucks, commercial trucks and larger RV type vehicles . The leafs help your truck carry loads with more stability and a lot more control than what you would have with out them. These springs have high quality steel leaves and don't affect the ride when your truck bed is empty. The all required mounting hardware is included when you purchase this kit.

The LP-35 is made for heavy towing with a weight capacity of 3500 pounds. This particular leaf spring is designed for heavy duty trucks, primarily for 3/4 ton and 1 ton models. These helper springs have a 4 leaf stack for the maximum durability and the maximum carrying ability. Backed by a lifetime warranty.

The EZ-990 is designed primarilty for 1/2 ton and mid-size trucks . It has a weight limit of 2000 pounds. This kit mounts under the factory axle plate. Like other helper springs it will help carry the weight of the load so your vehicle does not sag down in the rear, which helps with the control and the braking of your vehicle. High quality backed by a lifetime warranty after purchasing.

The LP-15 helper spring is great for most mid-size trucks, with a weight capacity of 1500 pounds. This helper spring gives you better control over your vehicle and improves stability. This leaf spring is designed to give you help with any semi-heavy your truck is hauling, great to help your vehicle get the job done right. Backed by Hellwig's lifetime warranty.

The EZ-550 model is very economical, designed for smaller loads of 500 pounds or less. Designed for mid to mini trucks, SUVs and vans. This particular helper spring also helps reduce spring wrap up (when you accelerate and your axle wants to bend). Installs easily on top of yoru existing leaf springs.