Level-Rite by Firestone

Level-Rite by Firestone

Firestone's "Level-Rite" kits combine an air spring with a shock to achieve meaningful load capacity while maintaining a hassle-free installation. Great for applications with a front snow plow or heavy winch bumper to keep your vehicle level in the front end. Mounts in place of your factory shocks.

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Level-Rite 101

What it Does:
The Firestone Level-Rite kits give your vehicle extra support while towing something, reduces your vehicles suspension fatigue, reduces bottoming out, improves your vehicles control and stability and it will level the front end of your ride.

Why Purchase:
Level-Rite kits by Firestone are a great purchase for you if you are often using snowplows on the front of your vehicle, if you have a slide in camper, trailers, heavy grille guard, etc. It is made to keep your front suspension from sagging and keep the vehicle level. It will give your vehicle a better performance and it will preform to its fullest ability. The shocks are meant to go onto the front of your vehicle, average install time is one hour or less.

What You Get in the Box
In this kit you will be getting: 2 high-performance Bilstein Mono Tube Shock Absorbers, Fully shielded, reversible sleeve air spring with billet aluminum pistons and restraining cylinder, polyurethane bushings, and all of the installation hardware needed to install the Level-Rite kit.