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        Firestone Air Bags

Firestone Air Bags

A diverse lineup of air bags, Firestone offers products that can assist with a number of specific performance needs. Mounted between the frame and suspension, Firestone Air Bags can improve a vehicle's ride while empty or loaded with its Ride-Rite, Sport-Rite, and Coil-Rite models.

Firestone Air Bags are an excellent choice for drivers looking to reduce sway and body roll in their vehicles. With systems designed specifically for a range of applications, it's easy to find air bags that meet the unique challenges of your needs from Firestone.

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Air Bags by Firestone Guide

Firestone air helper springs are great an answer to all your ride performance needs. These springs mount between the frame and the suspension to increase level load capacity & enhance the ride while empty or loaded. Choose from the Ride-Rite, Coil-Rite & Sport-Rite models.

Ride-Rite Air Bags:
Firestone Ride-Rite line is designed for most full-size trucks, including all 3/4 ton and 1 ton applications. Rated at 5,000 lbs, these heavy duty double convoluted air springs offer maximum load support. Once mounted between the frame and suspension of a truck or suv these air springs will increase your level load capacity along with improving your ride and handling when towing heavy loads. Equipped with inflation valves these air bags can easily be inflated or defaulted manually or with an optional air compressor system, allowing you control of the stiffness or softness of your ride. Ride-Rite kits are designed for a hassle free installation. Most kits install with no holes to drill and will fit with most fifth wheel and gooseneck hitch applications.

Sport-Rite Air Bags:
Firestone's reliable Sport-Rite air spring kits are commonly used in 1/2 ton trucks, suv's, vans and mid-size trucks. These use tapered style air springs that are rated at 3,000 lbs. Great for applications that are towing smaller trailers and boats, but need a little more support in the rear of the vehicle. Using air pressure for load support, these kits will allow you to fine-tune the air pressure for unmatched control of your suspension ride quality (especially useful when towing a trailer or boat). Like the Ride-Rite models, the Sport-Rite kits are easy to install and will generally use existing holes the frame and suspension (Many are no-drill applications).

Coil-Rite Air Bags:
Find out what a difference a Firestone Coil-Rite kit can make in your vehicles suspension. Designed specifically for cars, trucks, suvs and van with rear coil springs. These air helper springs are designed to fit inside your existing coil spring. Using variable pressure within the springs, they will help to reduce bottoming out, increase vehicle stability and keep your vehicle level. Made of a durable, elastic polyurethane that will stand up to wear and the elements while improving your suspension's performance.