Enhanced Handling & Performance with Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs for your BMW 435!!!
Eibach Pro-Kit Performance Lowering Springs are ideal for most street driven vehicles. The progressive rate Eibach springs dramatically improve performance, handling and your cars appearance. By lowering the center of gravity, rear end squatting during acceleration, body roll while cornering & nose-diving while braking are greatly reduced or eliminated. Eibach Pro-kits also reduce excessive fender-well clearance for an aggressive good look.

Features and Benefits

  • High Performance Handling with custom fit BMW 435 Eibach Springs
  • Eibach # E10-20-031-18-22 Springs drop BMW 435 in front and rear (see specs below for approx. amount)
  • Lowers center of gravity which decreases rear end squatting during acceleration, roll in corners & excessive nose-dive when braking
  • Pro-Kit Adds aggressive good looks to your BMW 435
  • Reduces excessive fender-well clearance
  • Progressive spring design gives excellent ride quality
  • Backed by Eibach's Pro-Kit Million Mile Warranty

Installation Notes

1. Factory shocks/struts can be retained, however increased performance can be achieved by using Eibach Pro-Dampers shocks. (not available for all vehicles)
2. Eibach recommends after installation of a spring Pro-Kit a vehicles alignment should always be checked. For serious performance tuners Pro-Alignment kits are available to assist in a precise alignment for most vehicles.

Tech Specs

Approximate Lowering Amount: Front / Rear
Average Install Time: 3 to 5 Hours
Items Included: 2) Front Springs, 2) Rear Spring
Type of Spring Kit: Eibach Spring Pro-Kit
Download Instructions: E10-20-031-18-22 Instructions
Weight: 24.25 lbs.
Part E10-20-031-18-22 fits:
  • Jan, 2019 through Dec, 2019 BMW 435
  • 2018 BMW 435
  • 2017 BMW 435
  • 2016 BMW 435
  • 2015 BMW 435
  • 2014 BMW 435


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