Dodge Lift Kits

Dodge Lift Kits

Add some Height to your Dodge Truck or Suv !!! Suspension Connection offers lift kit for all types of Dodge trucks & SUVs. Suspension lift kits, body lifts and leveling kits that range in size from 1" to 6".

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Top Dodge Models

Dodge Dakota:
The first Dodge Dakota rolled off the production line in 1987. At the time, the Dakota was unique because it was the first true mid-sized truck. The Dakota has always been a tough vehicle to lift. The 1997-1999 Dakota models can be lifted 5.5" Tuff Country's awesome suspension lift kit. The current years 2005-2011 are the only other models that we currently offer suspension lifting options for (2" leveling kits). However body lift kits by performance accessories are available in 2 inch and 3 inch sizes.

Dodge Ram 1500:
1994 marked the rebirth of the Dodge truck. Replacing the aging truck line with the Ram gave Dodge a full-size truck that could really compete with Ford and Chevy. The Ram 1500 1/2 ton has evolved suspension wise from a coil spring front end (1994-2001), to torsion bars (2002-2005), to now (2006-2011) a coil spring / strut IFS front end. Dodge Ram 1500 lift kit options are available for most models.

Dodge Ram 2500/3500:
The bigger brothers of the 1500, the Ram 2500 and 3500 models are a staple in the towing and hauling communities. Also introduced in 1994, the suspension has remained relatively the same in current models. Based around coil springs and upper and lower control arms, the Dodge Ram 2500 lift kits are some of the simplest to install of all current model trucks.