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        Coil Springs

Coil Springs

If you want to boost your truck strength and height, you might have to consider investing in coil springs. These springs absorb shock, thus improving the ride quality, handling, and performance, particularly on uneven roads. Equipping your truck with stiffer coil springs helps keep the tires in contact with the ground as you maneuver terrain changes.

Do you want to upgrade your suspension for a better ride quality? At Suspension Connection, we have superior coil springs from top brands like Daystar, Tuff Country, and Bilstein. Here, you can never run out of suitable options for your next suspension upgrade project.

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Types of Coil Spring

Some of the most common coil springs include:

●    Compression coil springs- Compression springs are the most common coil springs types designed to oppose compression. For instance, when you add a load to your compression spring, the spring pushes back against the load while it gets back to its initial length. This way, you will enjoy an enhanced ride index, and your vehicle’s suspension will also withstand vibration and stress resulting from terrain changes.

●    Extension coil springs-  These coil springs store and absorb energy by creating resistance when extended or stretched. Extension coil springs are also known as tension coil springs since they are held together through tension.

●    Torsion coil springs- Torsion springs function by exerting rotary force or torque. When twisted, the torsion coil spring resists rotation in the opposite direction. Some of the most common torsion springs include helical torsion springs, spiral wound torsion springs, and torsion bars.

When investing in coil springs for your vehicle, you need to shop for quality materials. At Suspension Connection, we stock affordable and quality coil springs you need to upgrade your truck’s suspension system. If you need help picking the best coil spring suspension for your truck, we are happy to help. Check out our product line to learn more about our quality coil springs and purchase one today.