Chevy Blazer Lift Kits

Chevy Blazer Lift Kits

Get your Chevy Blazer in the air with a lift kit from Suspension Connection. We offer Chevy Blazer Lift Kits, body lift kits, leveling kits, add-a-leafs and more to lift your Chevy Blazer. By great manufactures like Tuff Country Suspension, Daystar, Performance Accessories & more.

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Chevy Blazer Info

Chevy Blazer History:
Chevy introduced the Blazer in 1969 as direct competition for the smaller Ford Bronco. This fullsize suv quickly become very popular. Bases on the fullsize truck chassis, it looked very similar, but with a shorter wheelbase and a removable top. In 1973 the Chevy Blazer had a fairly significant redesign to the body style. The Blazer then remained relatively the same vehicle (aside from minor grille, other cosmetic change and engine upgrades)until it was replaced by the Chevy Tahoe in 1992.

Chevy Blazer Suspension:
The Chevy Blazer 4wd from 1969-1991 had a simple straight axle suspension. Front and rear leaf springs supported the vehicle. Many models where equipped a quad shock front suspension for additional dampening.

Blazer Lift Kit Options:
Always one of the easiest vehicle to lift, the Chevy Blazer lift kits are available in many sizes and configurations. The most popular has always been the 4 inch lift kit will allow use of 33 inch tires. Because of the short wheelbase, 6 inch and above lift kits usually require you to lengthen or replace the stock drive shafts.