Floor Liners – The Easy Way to Keep Your Vehicle Clean

by trevor on September 2, 2011


If you’re like me when it comes to keeping your vehicle clean, almost obsessively, this review could be beneficial. When thinking about accessories that keep your vehicle clean and tidy, Weather Floor Liners are the first product to come to mind.

Digital Fit:
I’ve used WeatherTech floor liners on a few different vehicles and the one thing that’s really stuck out and made me a repeat customer is how perfect they fit. Offered in black, tan and gray, they’re digitally cut with precision. They don’t even budge, let alone slip or slide around.  

Easy to clean:
Convenience is the key when it comes to keeping the interior of your vehicle clean so another selling point on these floor liners that hooked me in was how easy they are to remove, hose off and replace. Also, the way WeatherTech designs these floor liners, fluids and debris from a spill or a mess move down to a lower area in the mat which keeps the mess away from shoes or clothing.

Easy installation, 100% effective, durable & reliable. After using this product… I suggest not just settling for any floor-liner, WeatherTech takes floor liners to a new level.




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