Tuff Country Dodge Ram 2500 Long Arm Review

by trevor on October 8, 2011


“The Ultimate Dodge Ram Suspension Lift Kit”

Without knowing much about exactly how this kit works, I’m on a mission to gain a better understanding of just what this suspension lift kit does and how. I called Tuff Country and talked to their R&D department that supplied me with the installation pictures for this product; they were glad to help provide more information as they’re passionate about what they do.

This Ram 2500 suspension lift is a simple but brilliant idea. The main idea behind a long arm lift kit: longer control arms, providing more suspension articulation. How? “By replacing the factory control arms with the new long arms you get less of an angle on the control arms which gives you quite a softer ride and better handling along with more suspension articulation” -Scott Sweeney, Tuff Country INC.

A few more benefits of the Long Arm Kit: Drastically improves ride quality, adjusts the control arms so they aren’t on such steep opposing angles.. allowing the axle to move up and down much easier. It’s built with rebuildable and greasable heim joints to reduce any kind of binding. Allows fine tuning of axle location and alignment, helps eliminate the famous Dodge “Death Wobble”. The arms are bent for maximum turning radius and this kit can be installed without cutting the factory control arms off the frame.

Once installed this suspension lift kit raised the truck pictured below 4.5″ in the front end and 2″ in the rear and fitted with 35″ x 12.5″ tires.  Also included with the Long Arm lift kits is a front track bar relocating bracket, sway bar drop brackets, drop pitman arm, cast iron lift blocks and extended ubolts for the rear.

This Dodge Ram lift kit is available as a 4.5″ suspension lift kit, 6″ suspension lift kit & an upgrade kit to fit the Dodge Ram 2500 / 3500 4wd 2003-2011.  Options are available to use either coil springs or coil spacers to lift the front of the Dodge.





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