Trucks & SUVs In Need of a Leveling Kit

by admin on September 13, 2011

The Problem

The logic behind the rear end of a stock truck sitting about 2” higher than the front end is that when you’re carrying a load in your truck bed, the truck will sit level… Sure, this makes sense, but if you’re riding empty, your truck is left in a permanent nose-dive.

The Solution

The most effective solution is a Truck or SUV Leveling Kit. These will solve the nose-dive problem and are left with a level truck allowing room for larger tires without altering your factory ride. Brilliant, right!? And then if you decide you do need some extra load capacity, a set of suspension air bags by Firestone will solve your problem again allowing you to ride level all the time. For most applications the installation is a simple process. The most common methods are either coil / strut spacers or torsion bar keys (depending on the vehicles suspension).

A Brand New Chevy Silverado 2500HD. Even stock, this is a really cool pick up truck. And as most of you already know and have noticed, the front sits lower. If you’re not into this “stock” look. A front leveling kit is the solution and you’ll also create space for larger wheels and tires.

Problem Solved


A bolt-on installation of a Tuff Country Chevy Silverado 2500HD Leveling Kit consisting of Torsion Keys raises the front to match the rear of this truck, resulting in a strong level stance and clearance for larger wheels and tires.

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