K Source Towing Mirrors

by admin on May 14, 2013

Suspension connection newest product line added to our line up is the K Source Towing Mirrors. K Source offers towing mirrors for most vehicles capable of towing. The K Source snap on mirrors are a quality product that will conform to the factory mirrors to extend the site of view behind you trailer. K Source also offers replacement mirrors that will bolt into the factory position, with all the factory options e.g. turn signals, power options & heated mirrors, and will keep you seeing what is behind you while making a lane change. The K Source line is not limited to just towing mirrors. They have other mirror products to aide in the safety of your travels. They have spot mirror that stick on to your factory mirrors, backup mirrors that attach to the rear of your SUV, to see right behind the bumper and even the hard to find, old school tripod mirrors for motorhomes.The Backup mirrors are a great idea for keeping young ones playing behind the car safe, also very effective for backing a ball into a trailer. These mirrors install with a strong adhesive sticky tape. They extend the view from corner to corner of the bumper and from bumper up to 6 ft. out. They are fully adjustable with a 2 point pivot head.

We feel this is a great addition to our site to help you on your way to a safe and enjoyable family outing.

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