Diversi-Tech Review – A Ball Mount Like No Other

by admin on September 8, 2011

This isn’t something I’d normally write about since it’s difficult to get real excited about something like a trailer hitch. But, The Diveri-Tech adjustable ball mount is truly a cool product and worth taking a look at.

Convenience & Ease of Use:

It’s made of aircraft grade aluminum, the design is simple and I was able to easily adjust the height to keep my trailer parallel to the ground. So it works with different trailers & receiver hitches and can adapt to the weight of the load you’re carrying.


A couple of the features on this trailer hitch that I found to be attractive was the anti-rattle to keep the hitch quiet on the road and the fact that this adjustable hitch will never rust, guaranteed. With 1” increments, this adjustable ball mount has a 7” rise or a 6” drop. The Diversi-Tech ball mounts are reversible with two different sizes; 2” or 2 & 5/16 which can be changed by sliding the ball mount off and flipping it.


This is a truly easy ball mount to install and the dual integrated locking mechanism design eliminates lost pins, clips and locks bodies and is theft-proof. Plus it’s really shiny and well… shiny things are cool.

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