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Dodge Ram 2500/3500 Performance Traction Bars


Back to the garage to install and review the Tuff Country performance traction bars for the Dodge 2500 & 3500 Ram trucks and wow do these things work. We wanted some way to show the advantages of having these bars on the truck, so we hooked up a trailer and off we went. As shown in the side by side video the results are drastic. These Dodge Ram 2500/3500 performance traction bars virtually eliminate all spring wrap. These bars are fully adjustable so they can be used on any truck from stock to 6″ lifted models. They are a stout quality bar built to withstand the extreme torque of the diesel motors. Easily installed with only a few holes to drill makes installing these bars a quick and painless Saturday Project.

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Body Lift or Suspension Lift, Which one is right for you?

by Jarred Potter on February 13, 2013

When deciding on a lift kit for your truck or SUV, you will need to consider what it is that you want as an end result for the truck. Maybe you are just looking to clear a larger tire. Perhaps you are looking for more performance off road or just the look of a lifted truck. Here at Suspension Connection We have you covered.

Body Lift:

  • More wheel well clearance for larger tires
  • Factory ride quality
  • Maintains factory shocks
  • Cost effective
  • Great look
  • More difficult install
  • Frame more visible
  • Will not improve off road performance
  • Will not provide any more frame height


Body lifts are a lift designed to raise the body off the frame either 2” or 3”. This style of lift gives the vehicle more wheel well clearance to allow running a larger tire without contacting the fenders. These kits accomplish lifting the vehicle using nylon spacers, provided with the longer bolts and all the hardware needed to complete the job. This will ensure the vehicle ride quality will not suffer from the installation of this kit. Installing this kit will not require replacing the factory shocks keeping cost down. Body lifts are a cost effective way to give your vehicle a great look that will stand out in a crowd. Continue Reading Article

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Review & Install of Firestone R4 Tech Suspension System

by Jarred Potter on December 20, 2012

We decided to install the R4 Tech Suspension on the popular Dodge Ram 2500 platform. This truck is a great choice for towing with the assistance of the Cummings motor, and also the rear leaf sprung suspension. The truck can handle heavy loads and does not lack on power to pull. The leaf sprung rear suspension makes this truck a perfect candidate for the R4 Tech kit. This truck had a four leaf with a factory overload spring on it. The truck we picked for this install also had the optional Firestone double convoluted air bags installed on it for extra load support. While the truck had no problem hauling the loads that it was asked to preform, it left very little to be desired of the ride quality. The owner of the truck opted to install the R4 Tech Suspension system. For those of you who don’t know what this system is I will break it down for you. The kit replaces the factory leaf spring with a one and a half leaf spring for a softer spring rate, in combination with an air bag to pick up the weight rating. The kit also replaces the factory shocks with air assisted shocks. Both the air bags and the shocks automatically adjust to compensate for the load changes and road conditions that are different at any given point of the haul. While installing this kit, one of the things we noticed was the quality of the kit. This is a very well put together and thought out kit. It is a complete bolt on kit with no welding or cutting required to install this kit. Continue Reading Article

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Tuff Country Dodge Ram 2500 Long Arm Review

by trevor on October 8, 2011

“The Ultimate Dodge Ram Suspension Lift Kit”

Without knowing much about exactly how this kit works, I’m on a mission to gain a better understanding of just what this suspension lift kit does and how. I called Tuff Country and talked to their R&D department that supplied me with the installation pictures for this product; they were glad to help provide more information as they’re passionate about what they do. Continue Reading Article

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This isn’t something I’d normally write about since it’s difficult to get real excited about something like a trailer hitch. But, The Diveri-Tech adjustable ball mount is truly a cool product and worth taking a look at.

Convenience & Ease of Use:

It’s made of aircraft grade aluminum, the design is simple and I was able to easily adjust the height to keep my trailer parallel to the ground. So it works with different trailers & receiver hitches and can adapt to the weight of the load you’re carrying.
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Floor Liners – The Easy Way to Keep Your Vehicle Clean

September 2, 2011

If you’re like me when it comes to keeping your vehicle clean, almost obsessively, this review could be beneficial. When thinking about accessories that keep your vehicle clean and tidy, Weather Floor Liners are the first product to come to mind. Digital Fit: I’ve used WeatherTech floor liners on a few different vehicles and the one […]

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