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Towing and Hitches 101 Buying Guide

by admin on June 2, 2013

Towing Tech and Hitch Options

Suspension Connection offers a full line of trailer hitches for almost every make and model. Deciding what one is right for your application will depend on some key factors that we will be going over. So sit back and read up from these categories to find the right options for your vehicle.


Hitches are the safest way to haul a trailer. Although many people pull from a ball attached to your bumper, they have limited weight ratings and no height adjustment. Installing a hitch give you the ability to adjust the ball height and will allow you to tow heavier loads. Hitches are offered in three different options.

Frame pull

The first option and most common option is rear frame pull hitch. This hitch is the most popular hitch installed on vehicles today. It is the cheapest option and can pull most every kind of trailer built. This style of hitch mounts in between the frame rails bolting to holes in the frame. The rear pull hitches  are tucked up under neath the rear bumper as hidden from site as the manufactures can make them. All hardware is included and offers a durable powder coat finish. All hitches are equipped with safety chain mounting locations and drilled for a 5/8″ ball mount pin. Rear pulls are the lightest of the three hitches, designed to handle loads as light as a bike rack to as heavy as 20,000 lbs. on some applications. Continue Reading Article

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K Source Towing Mirrors

by admin on May 14, 2013

Suspension connection newest product line added to our line up is the K Source Towing Mirrors. K Source offers towing mirrors for most vehicles capable of towing. The K Source snap on mirrors are a quality product that will conform to the factory mirrors to extend the site of view behind you trailer. K Source also offers replacement mirrors that will bolt into the factory position, with all the factory options e.g. turn signals, power options & heated mirrors, and will keep you seeing what is behind you while making a lane change. The K Source line is not limited to just towing mirrors. They have other mirror products to aide in the safety of your travels. They have spot mirror that stick on to your factory mirrors, backup mirrors that attach to the rear of your SUV, to see right behind the bumper and even the hard to find, old school tripod mirrors for motorhomes.The Backup mirrors are a great idea for keeping young ones playing behind the car safe, also very effective for backing a ball into a trailer. These mirrors install with a strong adhesive sticky tape. They extend the view from corner to corner of the bumper and from bumper up to 6 ft. out. They are fully adjustable with a 2 point pivot head.

We feel this is a great addition to our site to help you on your way to a safe and enjoyable family outing.

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Aftermarket Sway Bars

by admin on March 26, 2013

An anti-way bars main purpose is to reduce body roll by transferring the upward pressure from the outside turning wheel torsionally though the bar to the opposing side keeping the tire in contact with the street for better traction in cornering.  When a car enters into a corner the weight of the car shifts to the outside or away from the turn. This activates the sway bar. As the spring compresses, allowing the body to to dip, the sway bar literally springs into action. When the upward force is Applied to the sway bar the twisting force  placed on the bar forces the opposite side down distributing the weight evenly to all four tires making handling your vehicle easier.
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It is unquestionable that suspension air bags increase payload and aid in helping stabilize heavy loads. The question at hand is will I benefit by having an on board compressor with in cab controls.


Air bag helper springs & their requirements:

Air bags for your Suspension are like your tires in the way that they will have to be topped off with air from time to time. If you see excessive air leaking and are having to refill them on a daily basis you may have a leak. As far as getting the air into the bags you can either air them up manually using a home compressor or use an on board compressor.


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Carshow Navigation and Entertainment:

by admin on December 5, 2012

Suspension Connection is excited about the new line of navigation and entertainment systems by Carshow recently added to the site. With the navigation system installed you can have confidence traveling to a new city or state that you will never get lost while the headrests keep the passengers entertained on the commute there.

Muti-Media Navigation systems:

CarShow Navigation Systems are direct bolt in, custom per each application. The wiring harness is a plug and play connection (no cutting or splicing required) making installation less complicated. The systems work with the steering wheel controls if equipped and other factory functions. They have a Hi-Def  Touch-Screen Anti-Glare LCD display. The rear zone interface for optional rear seat display links the whole system together. These systems are equipped with AM/FM tuner w/ RDS. They offer 50w x 4 amplifier, audio tuning, sub control, Bluetooth hands-free by Parrot, SAT radio ready (Opt parts required) and USB & Micro SD ports. Made for ipod/iphone (USB interface required), capabilities to read DVD, CD,  MP3, and loaded with Advanced Primo 2.0 3D navigation by NavNGo, they truly are a multimedia system. Continue Reading Article

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Trucks & SUVs In Need of a Leveling Kit

September 13, 2011

The Problem The logic behind the rear end of a stock truck sitting about 2” higher than the front end is that when you’re carrying a load in your truck bed, the truck will sit level… Sure, this makes sense, but if you’re riding empty, your truck is left in a permanent nose-dive. The Solution […]

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Blacked Out Rides!

August 27, 2011

You’ve seen them online and in magazines but now more than ever they’re showing up on the road. What is it about a blacked out ride that makes it stand out? If you ask us at Suspension Connection we’ll tell you that every detail you put into your ride makes a statement. We thought it […]

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