Aftermarket Sway Bars

by admin on March 26, 2013

An anti-way bars main purpose is to reduce body roll by transferring the upward pressure from the outside turning wheel torsionally though the bar to the opposing side keeping the tire in contact with the street for better traction in cornering.  When a car enters into a corner the weight of the car shifts to the outside or away from the turn. This activates the sway bar. As the spring compresses, allowing the body to to dip, the sway bar literally springs into action. When the upward force is Applied to the sway bar the twisting force  placed on the bar forces the opposite side down distributing the weight evenly to all four tires making handling your vehicle easier.

 Sway bars in Racing:

Sway bars are used in racing and performance applications to stabilize the vehicle thought turns at high speeds. The forces created at such high speeds require a large than factory sway bar to control the higher demand for body roll resistance. By increasing the Sway bar diameter you are making the bar harder to twist creating a stiffer roll resistance.

Sway bars in towing:

A sway bar can greatly benefit your vehicle while towing. Placing a load on truck demands more performance and control out of your rear end. A factory sway bar will lack in it’s ability to handle heavier loads, leaving you responsible for trying to correct with your driving skills. While towing you can encounter many different factors that effect the way your trailer will follow behind your vehicle. Road conditions, wind and other drivers will have you correcting and changing lanes at a moment notice. A sway bar will stabilize the suspension from rocking back and forth giving you more control over whatever you may be pulling.

Sway bars off road:

Lifting  your truck will gain you clearance off road but in doing so it also make the vehicle more top heavy. A sway bar will help to keep the truck more level. Hellwig offers extended adjustable extended links to compensate for the lift heights installed on the vehicle. Evan though a sway bar will limit the travel of your suspension off road there are many who prefer the handling and stability a sway bar offers. For all those who want the extra travel while off road unbolt the end links and take advantage of the full ability of you rig.

Sway bars in everyday use:

Addco, Eibach and Hellwig offer bars for all applications. Even if you don’t have a performance car using it in any of the ways described above they offer bars to increase handling and keep you and your family safe. Traction to the road is key and these bars do just that. If someone or something darts out in front of you and you have to make a quick correction you can do it with confidence knowing that your upgraded sway bars will handle your vehicle like it’s on rails.


Why change your stock sway bars:

Some vehicle are equipped from the factory with stock sway bars. You might ask why would you should change your stock bars out. As we all know the factories make there decisions on what parts to install on their cars based on cost. The smaller the bar the cheaper the cost.  This leave many vehicles equipped with a bar that is inadequate to handle the tasks thrown at it. By changing the diameter of the bar from a factory .625 to aftermarket .750 (only about 1/8″ more) you will pick up 205% increase in strength. Most sway bars bolt up to factory mounts making them very easily install. They include Polyurethane bushings and all hardware required to install  the bar. Adding or upgrading a sway bar is an effective way to increase handling performance and traction. The benefits out weigh the minimal cost and with as easy as it is to install you could trade the boat feel in for a sport performance racing machine in just a few minutes.

Benefits of a sway bar:

  • Reduces body roll
  • Better vehicle control
  • Improves cornering traction
  • Distributes weight evenly
  • Stabilizes towing sway 

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