January 2013

Should I Purchase Suspension Air Bags with a Compressor?

by Jarred Potter on January 29, 2013

It is unquestionable that suspension air bags increase payload and aid in helping stabilize heavy loads. The question at hand is will I benefit by having an on board compressor with in cab controls.


Air bag helper springs & their requirements:

Air bags for your Suspension are like your tires in the way that they will have to be topped off with air from time to time. If you see excessive air leaking and are having to refill them on a daily basis you may have a leak. As far as getting the air into the bags you can either air them up manually using a home compressor or use an on board compressor.


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Tuff Country EZ-Ride Suspension recently released a new 3″ lift kit for the Ford F-150 that has quickly become a big hit. We decided to get a first hand look of what was so attractive about this kit. This suspension lift is a great compromise between those who are looking for a little more than just a leveling kit but not looking to tackle all the modifications of a larger kit. It’s simple design includes a new set of control arms to keep the alignment geometry straight. A strut spacer as well as a pre-load spacer give the front end the lift followed by a 1″ block and longer u-bolts to finish out the rear end. The kit is designed to lift and level the truck so you will not have to purchase a separate leveling kit for this truck to sit level. It’s affordable cost is definitely a plus  and the ease of installation means you won’t have too much tied up in installation fees if you decide to have it professionally installed. This F150 lift kit recommends a 33 x 12.50 tire with a wheel that has a 5.5 or less backspacing (will fit up to 35″ tires with a little trimming). The stock tire and wheel combo will fit with this lift if desired, but it will not allow for a wider tire with the factory rims or contact with the upper control arm will occur. Before beginning, the Tuff techs took pre measurements from the center of the hub on the wheels to the fender at each wheel to obtain a starting reference. These numbers were recorded in the instructions for comparison later. Next they checked off all parts included with the kit to the bill of materials list provided on the front page of the instructions. Even though they are the manufacture of this kit and could have skipped this step they still checked every part to make sure that they did not get halfway into the installation process and find out that they were missing something that would cause the truck to not be able to be put back together. They put the Ford F-150 on the hoist and stripped the tires off. They started with the front end of the truck. The first step is unplugging the electronic rack and pinion harness. Continue Reading Article

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Tuff Country Toyota Tundra Leveling Kit Installation

by Jarred Potter on January 14, 2013

We recently had the chance to watch an install of a Tuff Country 52070 Tundra leveling kit and review the product. To my surprise this kit was very easy to install. As I watched the techs install this kit I thought to myself this looks like something even I could do without messing up.  Installing this front leveling required a strut compressor which I do not have, but I learned that many local shops will provide this service to you once you have the struts off the vehicle. This install was performed on a hoist but could be done in the driveway or on the garage floor with floor jacks and jack stands.  Starting this process the techs took before measurements as a reference of where the vehicles body sits to middle of the hub on the wheel. After those numbers were logged up on the hoist went the Toyota Tundra.

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Suspension Air Bags vs Overload Springs

by Jarred Potter on January 10, 2013

Getting ready to tow a trailer or pull a heavy load?  Load support products help increase your trucks level load capacity as well as controlling heavier loads. We are going to compare two popular solution of load support and which one works best for you.

 Air bags:                                

  • Easy install
  • Bolt on designs
  • Many popular kits offer no drilling
  • Simple air adjustment for changes in weight
  • Offers up to 5000 lbs. of weight leveling ability
  • Vehicle can return to factory ride at the push of a button
  • Custom fit
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Require monitoring air pressure to avoid damage to air bags         

Overload springs:

  • Easy install
  • Bolt on designs
  • No drilling required
  • Progressive designs for no adjustment needed
  • Offers up to 5000 lbs.
  • Most install in less than one hour
  • No worry about leaks
  • No restrictions off road
  • Due to preloads, for quite no rattle performance, they can make for a firmer  ride
  • Often more noisy

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