December 2012

Metric Tire Sizes Conversion

by admin on December 24, 2012

One of the first things you look into after lifting a truck is upgrading to a larger tire.  When deciding on a larger tire there is many variables to look at. One of these is choosing metric or standard tire sizes?  All suspension lifts listings on the Suspension Connection web site will have a recommended tire size. We want to help you better understand and break down the side wall measurements for each. As well as provide the formula to convert metric to standard and vice versa.

  • Standard tire size:

 A standard tire size will be displayed as 35X1250 R 15 on the side wall of the tire.  The 35 depicts the height of the tire, 35” from top to bottom. The 1250 is the cross section or width of the tire12.5” wide.  The R displayed means it’s a Radial, and the 15 indicates a 15” rim diameter.

  • Metric tire size:

A metric tire size will be displayed as LT 315/70 R16 on the side wall of the tire. Lt Stands for light truck or if there was a P it stands for passenger car. The first three numbers represents the width of the tire (315 millimeters). The second two numbers 70, is Ratio of height to width (aspect ratio). The R shows that the tire is a Radial design. The 16 refers to rim diameter. Continue Reading Article

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We decided to install the R4 Tech Suspension on the popular Dodge Ram 2500 platform. This truck is a great choice for towing with the assistance of the Cummings motor, and also the rear leaf sprung suspension. The truck can handle heavy loads and does not lack on power to pull. The leaf sprung rear suspension makes this truck a perfect candidate for the R4 Tech kit. This truck had a four leaf with a factory overload spring on it. The truck we picked for this install also had the optional Firestone double convoluted air bags installed on it for extra load support. While the truck had no problem hauling the loads that it was asked to preform, it left very little to be desired of the ride quality. The owner of the truck opted to install the R4 Tech Suspension system. For those of you who don’t know what this system is I will break it down for you. The kit replaces the factory leaf spring with a one and a half leaf spring for a softer spring rate, in combination with an air bag to pick up the weight rating. The kit also replaces the factory shocks with air assisted shocks. Both the air bags and the shocks automatically adjust to compensate for the load changes and road conditions that are different at any given point of the haul. While installing this kit, one of the things we noticed was the quality of the kit. This is a very well put together and thought out kit. It is a complete bolt on kit with no welding or cutting required to install this kit. Continue Reading Article

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How to Properly Grease a Polyurethane Bushing?

by admin on December 10, 2012

Have you just purchased some new poly bushings to replace your old worn rubber bushings?  Polyurethane suspension bushings need to be greased before installing them to prolong life and keep it from squeaking. There is a right way and a wrong way to do this. The type of grease you use is crucial. A  Poly bushing if greased properly will outlast a rubber bushing.

To begin let’s talk about the grease you should use. You should only use lithium based grease on polyurethane.  Petroleum based greases will actually eat a bushing away so this is why it is so crucial to use the right grease. You can actually be doing more harm than good by greasing your bushings with the wrong kind of grease. A lot of moving parts (control arms and shackles) have grease zerks to ensure that the grease you are putting on gets reapplied from time to time as it washes out from the elements. This is a great feature so you do not have to take them apart every time to reapply grease. But what happens all so often is you will take your vehicle in to get it serviced and someone will be under the vehicle pumping grease into all the joints. They see these fittings on a control arm or shackles and think let’s put some grease in there.  Most of the time they have petroleum based grease in the gun and while thinking they are doing a good job they are actually ruining your bushings. Make sure you inform any and all technicians working on your vehicle, doing this sort of work not to use petroleum grease on your poly bushings. Continue Reading Article

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Carshow Navigation and Entertainment:

by admin on December 5, 2012

Suspension Connection is excited about the new line of navigation and entertainment systems by Carshow recently added to the site. With the navigation system installed you can have confidence traveling to a new city or state that you will never get lost while the headrests keep the passengers entertained on the commute there.

Muti-Media Navigation systems:

CarShow Navigation Systems are direct bolt in, custom per each application. The wiring harness is a plug and play connection (no cutting or splicing required) making installation less complicated. The systems work with the steering wheel controls if equipped and other factory functions. They have a Hi-Def  Touch-Screen Anti-Glare LCD display. The rear zone interface for optional rear seat display links the whole system together. These systems are equipped with AM/FM tuner w/ RDS. They offer 50w x 4 amplifier, audio tuning, sub control, Bluetooth hands-free by Parrot, SAT radio ready (Opt parts required) and USB & Micro SD ports. Made for ipod/iphone (USB interface required), capabilities to read DVD, CD,  MP3, and loaded with Advanced Primo 2.0 3D navigation by NavNGo, they truly are a multimedia system. Continue Reading Article

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