December 2011

Thrill Seeking!

by trevor on December 12, 2011

People everywhere purposely seek out and chase adrenaline rushes. We grow up racing our bicycles and then graduate to cars, motorcycles and even boats. Some chose to hang glide, freestyle rock climb, skydive or base jump. Even less aggressive “adrenaline junkies” ride roller coasters or other theme park attractions… basically anything to get the blood pumping! Obviously, our particular brand of thrill is Off-Roading in our lifted trucks. And our question is… Why do we, as humans, seek the thrill of danger? Is it the rush of adrenaline? Or is it an escape from mundane routine? A combination of both? The excitement of adventure doesn’t come without at least some danger.  Some people would argue that thrill seeking is a death wish.. but someone who loves off-roading or whatever their particular brand of adventure is might argue that it’s the opposite.. It’s a wish to feel alive! Finding that sweet spot between danger and being in control seems to be the common goal. We’re wondering what your take on this is? Do we purposely seek out adrenaline rushes or does it just come naturally with the territory of being an off road enthusiast? Feel free to comment!


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