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        Lift & Leveling Products

Lift & Leveling Products

The best lift kits make your truck or SUV look amazing, but they can also have an effect on the performance as well. You may immediately notice a change in the handling and ride quality with the shift in height and new suspension. It may take a little getting used to, but if you are going to be heading off road, you'll love the new dynamics.

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All Truck/SUV owners, and off-road enthusiasts alike, are always on the search to improve their vehicles appearance and performance. One way to rise above the rest, literally, is to install a kit to lift your vehicle; adding style, clearance and allowing fitment for bigger tires:

SUSPENSION LIFT AND LEVELING KITS: Ranging from 2" to higher end 6" kits, we have the quality you're looking for in the height you want. Suspension kits to lift your truck include a system of springs or brackets which are used to raise a vehicle by lifting the engine, power train, frame and body above its wheel. Most Trucks/SUV's back end sits higher than the front. We also have leveling kits to add clearance for larger tires.

BODY LIFTS AND BLOCK KITS: Truck body lift kits raise a vehicle by suspending the body alone above the frame. Most body lifts are done to support a larger tire frame. By inserting a block between the factory rear leaf springs and the axle, you can raise a vehicle while maintaining the factory stance.

ADD-A-LEAFS: By adding a set of add-a-leafs to your existing leaf springs, you'll find an economical lift solution and also increase your load capacity. If the rear of your vehicle is sagging due to added weight, and your headlights are lighting up treetops, adding leafs to your leaf springs will eliminate that sag in the bag and add height to level your vehicle.

LEAF SPRINGS: By adding aftermarket leaf springs to your ride you can get an increase in lift of around 2". And since Trucks & SUVs are work beasts test their suspension every day, a rear leaf spring enhances ride quality and eliminates fatigue from load stress.

SHOCK ABSORBERS: Shock absorbers help smooth out a rough ride. By dampening the shock impulse, shock absorbers contribute to improved ride quality and an increase in comfort. Most of the shocks we offer are custom fitted for your lifted vehicle and are ideal for towing, off-road & daily driving. We offer the top brands in the truck and off-road industry including Bilstein, Fox and Rancho shocks. Once know for there bike products Fox shocks has become a major player in the performance truck suspension market.

UPPER CONTROL ARMS: If you own a newer model 1/2 ton or mid size truck and have researched how to lift your vehicle you are probably aware of the importance upper control arms play in the process. Upper control arms for a lifted trucks will make adjustments for the amount of front end lift to keep your vehicle in the proper algniment and maintain suspension articulation. Most control arms are availble with standard ball joints or upgraded uni-ball joinst.