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        Air Lift Air Bags

Air Lift Air Bags

These air bags (also referred to as "Air Springs") are used to enhance a vehicle's level load capacity; this is achieved by adding support to either the factory lift or coil springs. Once the Air Lift Air Bags are installed, pressure is added which cushions the vehicle's springs.

The most overarching benefit of these products is the fact that it can keep a vehicle from sagging or bottoming out, which can hinder handling and even cause damage to the vehicle. Additionally, these air bags are fully adjustable through the use of an external air supply, or even an optional onboard compressor, so it's incredibly easy to strike just the right balance.

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Air Lift products are designed to keep your vehicle level when under pressure while adding additional comfort, providing extra safety. Whether it be heavy loads, snow plows or even a bike rack, Air Lift's air bag kits have got you covered. Air lift offers 1000 - 7500 lbs. of load leveling support, even for the most extreme overbearing loads. Air bags are designed to eliminate squat or sag which affects the ride quality of your vehicle. Tow and haul trailers more safely, improve ride quality, reduce trailer sway while driving at high speeds, while still having the option to adjust air pressure.

Ensure your best experience with Air Lift company, established in 1949. Offering a lifetime warranty of 60 days, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. (through Air Lift directly)

Air Lift 1000 Air Bags:

Air Lift's 1000 air bag kit is the most universal air springs on the market. Made out of tough molded polyurethane and designed for coil sprung vehicles including, pick up trucks, SUVs, vans, cars and RVs. Offering a quick and easy installation, requiring no drilling. These airbags have a 5-35 PSI range and support up to 1000 lbs. of load leveling capacity.

Ride Control Air Bags:

Air Lift's Ride Control springs fit many different vehicles, including 1/2 ton trucks, Vans and some full sized SUV's. Ride Control Springs are designed to give you a safer, smoother and more stable ride. These adjustable air spring kits give you 2000 lbs. of load leveling capacity. Simply add on air or take out air, depending on how heavy your load is.

LoadLifter 5000 Air Bags:

The Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 is great for your heavy duty vehicle, whether it be a 1/2 ton, 3/4, or 1 ton truck. These air springs increase the suspension performance and the towing ability of your truck using air pressure to support the factory springs. These springs can help in a lot of ways including, trailer sway, rough ride, body roll and so much more. Roll plates protect the airbags from abrasion and increases load capacity up to 10%. These kits come prepared for installation, most kits offer no-drill install.

LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Air Bags:

Air Lift's LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate comes equipped with their, "industry-exclusive" internal jounce bumper. This jounce bumper is designed to absorb shock and eliminate jarring on rough roads. Another Maintaining 5,000 lbs. Of load leveling capacity, these airbags were made with strength in mind, with no maintenance required. Upgrade your suspension with these next level air springs, giving your vehicle ride comfort and safety.

LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Plus Air Bags:

If you are searching for maximum strength out of your air spring system the LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Plus is what you are looking for. The plus kit includes 2 five foot braided stainless steel lines, military grade AN-style elbow fittings and two ultimate air springs with stainless steel roll plates. Stronger hardware allows you to have peace of mind on the road, allowing you to not worry about whether or not your airbags will be damaged or if your airline will be punctured.

LoadLifter 7500 XL Air Bags:

Designed for 3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks the 7500 XL gives you up to 7,500 lbs. of load level capacity. The LoadLifter 7500 XL is made for heavy duty loads, offering a 20% larger air volume than the LoadLifter 5000 air springs.The 7500 kits come with roll plates, protecting your vehicle from possible abrasion. Most 7500 XL kits are compatible with most 5th wheel and gooseneck hitches. Most kits require no drilling, using existing holes for a bolt on installation.

Air Lift SlamAir Load Support:

If you have a lowered pickup truck with 2-6 inches of drop you may need more assistance in order to keep the bed of your truck level while carrying heavy loads. Air Lift's SlamAir give you up to 2,000 lbs of load level capacity. If you need extra load support for your lowered truck, SlamAir is a great option.

Air Lift Wireless One Air Controller:

Wireless One is designed to give you ultimate control over your Air Lift air bags. Giving you the ability to change the PSI wirelessly, in cab or out of cab. The Wireless One only offers single-path control, meaning both left and right air bags will inflate and deflate equally. With this kit you have the option of downloading the air lift app, giving you full control of your air controller over your phone. With easy installation, simply connecting to the battery hook up, the system can be installed within a few hours.The EZ Mount Package is intended for heavy-duty applications and comes pre-assembled, ready for quick installation.

Air Lift Wireless Air Controller:

Wireless Air is an advanced air controller offering dual path control. Dual path control allows you to inflate and deflate each air spring separately. Most commonly used for uneven or top heavy loads. This premium Wireless Air kit comes with a heavy duty air compressor, the necessary wiring, hardware and fittings required for installation. Offering simple installation, with no need to run air lines through to the cab.