1986-1998 Ford Taurus (Station Wagon only) - "Coil-Rite" Air Bag Helper Springs (Rear)

1986-1998 Ford Taurus (Station Wagon only) - "Coil-Rite" Air Bag Helper Springs (Rear)
1986-1998 Ford Taurus (Station Wagon only) - "Coil-Rite" Air Bag Helper Springs (Rear)
Firestone 4105
Firestone - 4105-ford-taurus-coil-rite
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Firestone "Coil-Rite" air bag helper springs are designed to fit inside the existing coil spring suspension creating a variable rate spring. These air bags are made of durable, elastic polyurethane providing years of comfort and stability to your vehicle. "Coil-Rite" air bags enable adjustment for varying loads and road conditions by inflating or deflating the springs. Performance can be altered as easily as inflating a tire. Installed between the frame of the vehicle and the suspension providing load support through the use of air pressure.

Features and Benefits

  • Firestone Air Bags are custom fit for the Ford Taurus
  • Easy installation (1 to 2 hours)
  • Includes (2) air bag helper springs and any required hardware
  • Will handle loads capacities up to 500-1000 lbs*
  • Reduce suspension fatigue
  • Improve steering and balance
  • Increase vehicle stability
  • Prevent "bottom" out
  • Firestone Limited Lifetime Warranty

Installation Notes

1. Do NOT exceed the vehicles Recommended Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)

Tech Specs

Download Instructions: 4105 Instructions
Level Load Capacity: 500 lbs to 1000 lbs
Average Install Time: 1 to 2 hours
Front or Rear Axle: Rear
Drilling Required (Yes or No): No
Weight: 10.00 lbs.
Part 4105 fits:
  • Jan, 1998 through Dec, 1998 Ford Taurus
  • 1997 Ford Taurus
  • 1996 Ford Taurus
  • 1995 Ford Taurus
  • 1994 Ford Taurus
  • 1993 Ford Taurus
  • 1992 Ford Taurus
  • 1991 Ford Taurus
  • 1990 Ford Taurus
  • 1989 Ford Taurus
  • 1988 Ford Taurus
  • 1987 Ford Taurus
  • 1986 Ford Taurus


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