Ford Lift Kits

Ford Lift Kits

Add some Height to your Ford !!! Suspension Connection offers lift kits for all types of Ford trucks & SUVs. Suspension lift kits, body lifts and leveling kits that range in size from 1" to 6".

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Top Ford Models

Ford F150:
The 4wd F150 is the 1/2 ton version of the best selling F-Series trucks by Ford. First sold in 1975 to eventually replace the F100 truck. This very popular truck has seen huge changes over the years. Coil springs supported the front of the 4wd truck from 1975 thru 1996. In 1997 thru 2003 Ford used a torsion bar front end, which was then replaced by a coil / strut IFS front end from 2004 to current. Lift kits for the Ford F150 are available for all years ranging in size from 1 inch to 6 iches of lift.

Ford F250 / F350:
The F250 / F350 have been the work horses of the F-Series line of trucks since 1953. No 4wd existed until the late 1960's. The 4wd version of the F250 & F350 utilized leaf springs in the front and rear of the truck up until 2008. At that time Ford switched to a coil spring front suspension. Lift Kits for the Ford F250 / F350 are available for models dating back to 1980.

Ford Ranger:
The long time smaller brother of the F-Series of trucks, the Ford Ranger has found a niche with truck buyers needing a truck, but not the large towing capacity of the larger trucks. Manufactured originally in 1983 as competition for the Chevy S-10 and Toyota trucks. The suspension on the Ford Ranger 4wd trucks originally used a coil spring suspension (thru 1997) similar to the one found in the F150s at the same time. In 1998 the suspension changed to a torsion bar IFS front end. Ranger lift kit options are available for both styles of suspensions.

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