Firestone R4Tech

Firestone R4Tech

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The Next Generation in Truck Suspension
The R4Tech air-over-leaf system by Firestone is the next generation in pickup truck suspension. This patented suspension replaces your stock rear suspension with new rear leaf springs, air springs, trailing link, J-springs, air compressor and load adaptive shocks.

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R4Tech 101:

Firestone R4Tech hybrid rear suspension for full-size trucks is the ultimate upgrade for those truck owners looking for a smoother ride and / or more suspension performance for towing and hauling. This patented air-over-leaf suspension uses a combination of lower rate rear leaf springs, air springs, trailing link, J-springs, brackets, air compressor and adaptive shocks. Installation on many applications required little or no drilling by mounting to exiting mounting hole or brackets. Once installed this Firestone R4Tech suspension will provide a suspension unmatched in ride quality, durability and reliability.

Why Buy R4Tech: There is a reason big rigs use air suspension. Air suspension will generally provide a better ride than steel suspensions. The patented R4Tech suspension system provides the ride quality of a full-air suspension along with the axle control of a leaf spring. Each R4Tech application is specific for every vehicle so installation is perfectly fit with no special tools needed and no drilling required on most applications.

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What is included:
Sanlius Rassini Leaf Springs, Firestone Airide Air Springs, Rancho Load Adaptive Shock Absorbers, Firestone Air Compressor and Accessories, trailing link, J-springs, brackets and all required hardware.

R4Tech Key Features:

1. Improved ride quality: Air springs and softer-rated leaf springs equal a ride that is substantually improved for all conditions especially unloaded.

2. Kneel Feature: With the R4Tech's kneel feature you can drop the rear of your vehicle to make it easier to load you truck or attach a trailer.

3. Level Ride: The R4Tech suspension with automatically adjust the air pressure in the Firestone Airite to maintain level stance when hauling a load or pulling a trailer.

4. Load Adaptive Shocks: The included customized Rancho RS9000 load adaptive shocks will vary their stiffness based on how much air pressure is used in the air springs. This keeps the shocks optimized for all conditions.

5. Controls Axle Hop & Spring Wrap: Patented lower link and J-springs used with the leaf springs will stop axle wrap and reduce brake hop under heavy load conditions.