Air Cell Load Support

Air Cell Load Support

Maintenance-Free, Fixed Load Support
Air Cell Load Support Kits from Air Lift are an economical solution to help support your trucks suspension. Made of a closed-cell urethane foam spring designed to reduce vehicle squat and enhance ride comfort in vehicles with constant loads.

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The Air Cell kits by Air Lift use micro cellular urethane (urethane trapped air inside of foam to provide cushion against sag) springs which will reduce sag and improve the ride when you have a heavier load that you are hauling. If your truck is constantly loaded and needs extra support, this will help you greatly. It will also just help with the handling of your vehicle. If you plow snow with your vehicle the load support kit will help you, it helps support the heavy equipment on the front of your vehicle when you plow. Installation includes no drilling for most applications, it will be custom fit for the vehicle you purchase for. Air Cell kits connect with install brackets and there will be no air lines or fittings running through your vehicle. No inflation is required. With this product it comes with a, 60 Day Ride Satisfaction Guarantee and also a Limited Lifetime Warranty.