2007-2013 Volkswagen EOS MKV/MKVI Models - Air Suspension "Slam" Combo Kit (w/"AutoPilot" Digital Air Management System)

Volkswagen EOS MKV/MKVI Air Suspension - Combo Kits 2007-2013 Air Lift #95786
Air Lift - 95786-vw-mkv-air-suspension
Authorized Dealer
Air Lift #95786
Air Lift - 95786-vw-mkv-air-suspension
Authorized Dealer
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Get Ride Height Adjustment and Improved Handling & Performance with Air !!!
Performance never looked this good. Not only do Air Lift's "Lifestyle and Performance" air suspension kits improve handling and ride quality but allow you the adjustability standard coil-over’s do not.  Air Lift's air suspension combo kits include an air compressor and air struts that allow you complete control over your ride height. This Volkswagen EOS air suspension combo kit includes front and rear air struts / springs that allows ride height from stock height to 5 7/8" of drop.  

Included in this Air Lift combo kit is a complete AutoPilot digital air management system that includes everything you need to control the air pressure in the air struts / springs.  The AutoPilot gives you one touch ride height control through the use of a digital display controller and electronic solenoid valves. This is the simplest of the Air Lift air management systems to install, requires only one wire to run to the dash of the vehicle from the solenoid manifolds to the controller. The advanced controller will let you control the auto ride height on the start of the car, individual wheel control, has all inflate/deflate buttons, digital voltmeter, and auto leak detection. Also included is heavy duty compressor and 5 gallon tank that power the air along with required hardware and hoses.

Features and Benefits

  • Adjustable Height Air Suspension for the Volkswagen EOS
  • The Ultimate in "Low", Incredible 5 7/8" Drop! 
  • Lowers center of gravity, which decreases rear end squatting during acceleration & roll in corners 
  • Individual spring height control
  • Includes 5 Gallon Air Tank & 100% Duty Cycle Air Compressor
  • Progressive spring design gives excellent ride quality
  • AutoPilot Digital Air Management System
  • Advanced Digital Controller w/one touch ride height adjustment
  • Requires only one wire run to dash of vehicle

Installation Notes

  1. Requires frame modifications and removal of the sway bar

  2. Note: Maximum amount of drop can differ from vehicle to vehicle depending on wheel / tire combination 

  3. 55 mm struts only

Tech Specs

Approximate Lowering Amount: Front 5 7/8" / Rear 5 7/8"
Average Install Time: 4 to 6 Hours
Items Included: 2) Front Air Springs, 2) Rear Air Spring, 1) Digital display controller & ECU, 2) Solenoid Manifolds, 1) 5 Gallon Air Tank, 1) Compressor & Required Hardware
Weight: 92 lbs.
Part 95786 fits:
  • 2013 Volkswagen EOS MKV/MKVI Models
  • 2012 Volkswagen EOS MKV/MKVI Models
  • 2011 Volkswagen EOS MKV/MKVI Models
  • 2010 Volkswagen EOS MKV/MKVI Models
  • 2009 Volkswagen EOS MKV/MKVI Models
  • 2008 Volkswagen EOS MKV/MKVI Models
  • 2007 Volkswagen EOS MKV/MKVI Models

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