Product Information

Firestone's "Level-Rite" kits combine an air spring with a shock to achieve meaningful load capacity while maintaining a hassle-free installation. Using a fully shielded, reversible sleeve air spring featuring billet aluminum piston and restraining cyliner, high-performance Bilstein mono tube shock absorbers this Level-Rite product provides the perfect leveling solution for trucks using snow plows, slide-in campers or have large, heavy grille guards.

Features & Benefits

  • Level the front end in variable load applications
  • Great for use with snowplows, slide-in camper, heavy grille guard
  • Improved vehicle control & stability
  • Reduce bottoming out
  • Reduce suspension fatigue

Tech Specs

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Average Install Time: 1 hour or less
Items Included:
1. High-performance Bilstein mono tube shock absorbers 2. Fully shielded, reversible sleeve air spring w/billet aluminum piston and restraining cylinder 3. Polyurethane Bushings 4. Installation hardware  
20 lbs.
SKU #1003 Fits:
  • 2009 GMC Denali
  • 2008 GMC Denali
  • 2007 GMC Denali
  • 2006 GMC Denali
  • 2005 GMC Denali
  • 2004 GMC Denali
  • 2003 GMC Denali
  • 2002 GMC Denali
  • 2001 GMC Denali
  • 2000 GMC Denali
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